Beyond Basic Letters
Welcome to Beyond Basic Letters! 
Each 12''-16'' letter is hand painted according to chosen color and design. 
   Looking for the perfect home decor item with a personal touch, or the perfect gift for any holiday or birthday occasion? Beyond Basic Letters specializes in creating letters that are arranged, painted and designed according to your choice.  
After searching high and low for the perfect item that had just the right colors , not so over bearing for a wall decoration, and created just for you , a family member or a friend, Beyond Basic Letters was created.  
Eventually it became annoying to walk into a store and see a display of letters that just happened to be out of your specific letter that you need or it was just not the right color or size.

Your choice of letters, color  and design just for you or someone else. They are  also excellent baby shower and holiday gifts. 
$20.00 per letter
Each letter is attached to a unique ribbon in which they can be hung from the wall by a nail or detachable hook. 

Each letter can be wiped up with a damp cloth.

Look at our options and design your letter(s) here. 

Beyond Basic Letters 2010